TPU membrane
TPU membrane is specially designed for outdoor apparels. The material is protected from aggressive external environment, resists cold and allows the body to breathe.
Its properties:
- Waterproof - the property of the material to withstand over 1000 mm of water, whilst allowing water vapours to pass through;
- Windproof - an important technology for outdoor activities, especially when climbing to height;
- Breathability allows the sweat to pass through the tissue, which is important for the body temperature control;
- Extra wear comfort;
- Durable water repellent.

Highly elastic fabric stretched in 2 directions. It provides maximum freedom of movement and a perfect fit.

Elastic material stretched in 4 directions. It provides even more wear comfort and does not limit your movements. This allows you to achieve better results in any winter activities.

Softshell technology in ALPINE CROWN garments offers a new approach to traditional outdoor layering systems in clothing. Good breathing properties, windproof and waterproof layer keep comfort during intensive sports exercises. These clothes are best suited for outdoor activities, as the light weight of the material is an additional advantage. This material is:
- Water repellent;
- Wind resistant;
- Lightweight.

Micro molecular treatment of material with a special substance, which creates a barrier on the surface and prevents the penetration of the liquid. Drops of water stick to each other and drop off the fabric. It provides the material with reliable water-repellent properties that keep the body dry and comfortable in rainy weather.

SUPERLITE technology allows us to decrease the weight of the product up to 300 grams and even less. The products of this category are designed for activities where minimum weight should be an advantage. The owner of such products will receive even more personal comfort while wearing them.

3M Thinsulate INSULATION
This is one of the lightest synthetic insulations. The unique thin fibers that make up Thinsulate isolation hold the air molecules between the human body and the outside. Since these microfibers are considerably thinner than other synthetic insulations, they are able to trap more air in less space. As a result, such material is the best protection against low temperatures.

Teflon fabric coating is a fluoride compound, which creates a protective barrier around each fiber. This coating reduces the surface tension on the total area of the fibers, which allows the tissue to repel liquid substances, stains, dust and dirt. It also has excellent protective properties.

YKK-zippers are an ideal combination of quality, durability and strength. They are unpretentious in operation, protected against moisture, dust and other contaminants.

Rx5000 technology allows millions of tiny pores in the tissue to breathe at their full potential. The sweat easily vents to the surface of the material for further evaporation.

3M™ Thinsulate™
3M™ Thinsulate™ is a polyester material based on microfiber technology, twisted into a spiral and treated with silicone. The fiber thickness is significantly smaller than that of other insulators, being 50-70 times thinner than human hair, with an average diameter of 5 microns. Air surrounds these fibers, collecting and retaining heat.

The presence of 3M™ Thinsulate™ insulation in footwear allows its use at temperatures down to -30°C, and in some cases, down to -40°C. These specifications make products with this material suitable for use in various climate zones.

The U Thinsulate Ultra type for footwear is marked with black-orange labels. Compared to other types, there is an increased amount of olefin fibers, resulting in the high durability of Thinsulate Ultra under various loads, making it almost ideal for use in footwear.

In addition to the regular version, there is also the Ultra Extreme Performance (Type B), which is the same insulator but with increased density – 400 g/m².


Sympatex® is a trademark owned by Sympatex Technologies GmbH, based in Germany. Under this brand, a synthetic material (climatic membrane) is produced and utilized in the manufacturing of footwear (clothing), providing unique consumer properties. By allowing moisture to pass only in one direction, Sympatex prevents the feet from getting wet while facilitating the outward movement of moisture.

As one of the leading membrane specialists globally, Sympatex creates reliable protection against moisture while efficiently expelling excess moisture to the exterior. In these fundamental aspects, the performance of the Sympatex membrane significantly exceeds the norm, ensuring optimal comfort for the wearer.

The principle of the membrane's operation is as follows: when the temperature and humidity inside the footwear increase and surpass the external conditions, a difference in water vapor pressure arises, directing the vapor from the high-pressure area to the low-pressure area. Molecules of sweat freely move through the built-in hydrophilic zones in the membrane, exiting to the outer surface of the footwear, where they can evaporate without hindrance. The Sympatex membrane is pore-free, ensuring its properties do not deteriorate over time. Its seamless construction allows the membrane to "breathe," even when exposed to water with salts or oils.

Sympatex is a non-porous, hydrophilic capillary-type membrane. The Sympatex membrane consists of a copolymer combination of water-repellent polyester and vapor-permeable polyether. The polyether is responsible for transporting water vapors to the outside.

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