1. Where can I find the wholesale prices?Fill out the application on the page «Cooperation» or call our manager.

2. How to download the catalogue? Follow the link

3. Do you want to download pictures of our products?Follow this link FW 19/20

4. Do you have a showroom to look at the samples?United Kingdom: Building 3, North London Business Park, Oakleigh Road South, London N11, 1NP. U.K. tel. +44 (796) 178 56 17
+44 (755) 028 38 00

5. How to make a wholesale order?For any questions please contact us by phone

6. I want to receive a discount as a wholesale buyer.We are ready to discuss all issues with everyone individually, both in person and over the phone

7. What is the minimum wholesale order?It is discussed individually - contact us at the phone numbers listed on the webpage

8. How are the goods delivered?The manager gets in touch with the client on the day of the payment, specifies the delivery service, recipient’s address and contact information.

9. What documents can you provide with the goods?The documentary support is possible on the individual request

10. What are the terms of cooperation?Fill out the application on the page «Cooperation» or call our manager.

11. I want to buy your product at retail. Where can I do this?In Our Partners section there is information about some of our official partners with all contact information

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